Smartscape and Solipost solar lighting

We are proud to say that we are UK resellers of the Smartscape and SolisPOLE unique lighting systems. Full datasheets for each product are available here but the main benefits are:

  • Permanent lighting solution for walkways, carparks, and amenity areas eg beer gardens, public open spaces
  • No mains cabling required – can be used in remote locations or expensive connection to National Grid
  • No running or regular maintenance costs
  • Passively safe - no requirement for qualified electricians for installation, and no issues with live cables if the lighting units are accidentally damaged
  • PIR capacity or dusk-dawn operation
  • Carbon saving - – perfect for businesses consciously trying to reduce carbon emissions. We can help here and show you how much carbon could be saved, and how much energy use could be reduced by changing from a traditional lighting system
  • 5 year guarantee
The SolisPOLE at night
The Smartscape timber bollard

Full datasheets for Smartscape and Solipost solar lighting

SmartScape Solar Bollard - Wood

SmartScape Solar Bollard - Aluminium

The SolisPOLE - Jane Needham Ltd