Renewable Heat Incentives for Domestic and Commercial property

We love the fact that you can install renewable heating and hot water systems in your home or commercial property, and get paid for it. We are able to advise on getting an EPC for your home before or after you’ve had an eligible heating or hot water system installed. You will need one to apply for the payments, and we will give you unbiased guidance if you need it on the best type of renewable installation for your home AND what you need to do as a minimum to your home to ensure you get the payments.

If for any reason you can’t comply with any of the requirements of the scheme because your property can’t be altered for Conservation Reasons ( eg a Listed Building), or environmental reasons such as a severely wind and rain driven location where it is not advisable to install cavity wall insulation, we can provide a Chartered Surveyors report to support this, to enable you to receive the payments.

For commercial property, and some domestic property, there is the option of commercial Renewable Heat Incentives, which are paid differently to domestic. Its also a necessity of the scheme to have heat meters fitted. We can provide Independent Metering Arrangements Reports for the more complex systems, and can provide guidance to ensure you don’t fall foul of the Ofgem requirements for the simpler systems, particularly relating to heat meter placement, temperature sensor installation etc

Heat meter on a commercial renewable heat installation
A typical heat meter on a commercial renewable heat installation.