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We can carry out EPCs for all types of domestic and commercial property, including Air-Conditioning EPCs, On-Construction EPCs and Display Energy Certificates (DEC). If you need an EPC after checking through our FAQs below, contact us here and give some details of your property and we’ll get back to you with a quote. If you still have questions, we’re always happy to answer them for you. Main areas we cover are South Yorskhire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and West Yorkshire but we are able to come further afield for commercial EPCs


This is a special type of EPC, and is not an asset rating like a normal EPC, but an operational rating. This means we collect information about gas, electricity and other fuel usage, the size of the property, and what its used for. An A rating means the building is being used very efficiently. Its only required for public buildings visited regularly by the public such as schools, hospitals and government or council buildings. {PICTURE} Its required for all public buildings over 250sq.m. However DECs can be used voluntarily by businesses wishing to show they are energy efficient and conscious of their company carbon emissions. Businesses which come under Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) requirements may also find it useful to have a DEC to meet part of their reporting requirements. As this only affects certain businesses, we’ve put together a Factsheet[s] all about ESOS.

These are required for every property which has air conditioning systems over 12kW fitted, and the systems are 5 or more years old. The EPC checks the efficiency of the installation(s) and whether it is correctly installed and operating. It is not just required on properties that are for sale or let.

To give you an idea, an office of 200sq.m, with air-conditioning fitted throughout, is very likely to need an ACEPC.

If you are letting or selling with an agent, then it is likely that the agent will not put the property on the market until an EPC is obtained. There are fines for non-compliance with the EPC legislation, and the agent will be liable if they have not complied, or asked you as the vendor or landlord to obtain one.

The fines are different depending of what type of property, but are far more than the cost of an EPC. You’ll still have to get one too.

Your solicitor may ask you to provide one if they are doing work which involves the transfer of ownership of a property. If they do, you may not be able to complete the transfer if one is not provided.

From 2018 there is a minimum EPC rating of E for all property being let or sold. The value of your property may be reduced if you don’t have an EPC with an E rating or above. The legislation for this is already in place from 1 April 2016. We’ve put together a special Factsheet [LINK HERE] on this as it could have serious financial implications if you aren’t prepared

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Advice for Landlords on Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards Regulations

ESOS fact sheet

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