Chartered Surveyors Reports

We specialise in Reports which are required for renewables installations. If for instance you have fitted Photo-Voltaic Panels to your property, we can provide an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for either domestic or commercial property. However, if you have them fitted to a property which falls under exemption for EPCs within the Regulations, then we are able to supply an Exemption Report, which details your property, meters and the installation to ensure you get the full Feed-In tariff applicable to your installation.

We are also able to give independent advice and guidance on quotes for installations to ensure you get the best outcome for the outlay of your hard-earned cash.

If you need help in deciding what kind of renewables are best for your property, whether domestic or commercial, we can provide this guidance, and work with a number of respected Companies to provide quotes for Ground and Air Source Heat Pumps, PV panels, and Biomass boilers